+1000 Business Model Canvas examples released. https://vizologi.com

Hey there!

First of all thanks for waiting. As we promise you at the beginning of this summer, we have been working on more than free 1000 business model canvases released and available from now.


The collection includes among others:

Fortune 500.
The Smartest Companies list released from MIT Technology Review.
The most popular startups.
And new surprises.

That's only the beginning of our journey; we are a small and young technology company that wants to rethink the business model design boundaries by using Data Science and Artificial Intelligence techniques, we want to merge the business model design with generative technology to find new ideas and combinations not written yet.

Stay tuned! For the next year, we will release the vizo platform that will search, analyze and visualize the world’s collective business model intelligence to help answer strategic questions.

Don't be shy we want to know more about you.
Please write us at contact@vizologi.com

Glad to have you aboard!
vizologi team  


✌ & ♥






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