In the modern software industry 6 core business models have emerged - SaaS, eCommerce, Advertising, Marketplace, Usage and Licence. I am looking for tools which help apply the Business Model Canvas to each of these structures. Any ideas?

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Interesting view;

Can you be a little more specific on the type of tools you want. Do you mean mapping tools, if so there are many options:

Free - BM Fiddle

Free - BM Designer

Paid - BM Gallery

But the most robust, best developed tool for BM canvas and mapping business models is Strategyzer

[there are a few other options, both paid and free]

If there is some other type of tool for which you are looking, please provide more detail.


Many thanks for your detailed reply - very hepful. The area I am focusing on is the mechanics of how the business makes money. I believe tools could be created for specific types of business. For example a SaaS business will have certain key activities and revenue drivers although other elements of the canvas will vary widely. I am researching whether such tools already exist if you know of any.

Kind regards


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