Hi all,

I'm excited to introduce to you the first application to help social entrepreneurs develop their business models - My Social Business Model (MySBM).

Based on Business Model Generation and inspired by 2500 social projects on Imagination for People's platform, MySBM is a free online tool to help social entrepreneurs formalize their ideas and structure a fully developed business model (see the MySBM Canvas attached to this message). The web app asks a series of questions in order to get people thinking about the different aspects of their social business. At the end of the process, users have a fully developed business plan that is ready to be presented to investors.

We launched the French version of the tool on January 1 and already have 450 social entrepreneurs registered! Through feedback from users we are continuing to refine MySBM but truly believe the tool fills a real need in helping social entrepreneurs move from ideas to a fully developed social business. We're pleased to announce that it's now available in English as well.

I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Any feedback will help us make the tool better! We want to know how we can best facilitate social impact and start helping the Business Model Hub community!



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Merci, Francois! 

Whilst there is a lot out there on Entrepreneurship, there is much less on Social Entrepreneurship.

You help me ask the questions about my social enterprise that I've needed to ask! 



The concept of social entrepreneurship typically refers to a process or
behavior, while the definition of a social entrepreneur focuses on the founder
of the initiative.
Social entrepreneurs, specifically, are individuals who initiate activities
that are focused on a social mission while behaving as true entrepreneurs
through their dynamism, personal involvement and innovative practices

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Thanks, François, I'm quite excited to give this a try in my non-profit engagements! I'm intrigued by the web-facilitated pedagogical approach in crafting the canvas. Regarding the questions as you progress, I'm finding the "aide" component helpful; however, have you considered implementing a rubric? It seems, based on the 2500 social projects from Imagination for People, that a rubric would help inform if the scope of an answer is aligned to a greater chance of success.

My thought is that a series of rubrics could also be used to survey collaborators in efforts towards convergence.

Great tool!

It`s not the first, but I`ll compare for the existed one and report you what I like and what not.

That sounds great. I think can help lots of entrepreneurs!

That's an interesting information! Thank you, Francois!

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