Hi, just a quick message to late you know that I have finally updated bmdesigner.com with a few features:

+ export to images (png)
+ export  to powerpoint (ppt)
+ some more help hints
+ You now can have an account which supports models in private mode. Your current account can be converted by going to http://bmdesigner.com/profile/coupon and entering coupon code PRIVACY4HUB . Next time you login and edit a business model you will be able to set it to private under the advance model settings (see attached screenshot) .


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thank you!!!!!!!!! this is terrific!!!!
sounds interesting! :)
It does not seem to offer the option to choose your own privacy setting?
It now works. Noticed that it may be nice to copy a model (to create a public version) or to have privacy on the post-it level. You may be working on a model that essentially is public, but you may want to keep some specific things private.


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