Advanced yet simple to use Excel Spreadsheet for Business Model calculations

Hi BM experts!


I am thinking of creating an advanced yet simple to use (Excel) spreadsheet to do Business Model calculations. Something as easy to use as the BMG iPad app, but then in a spreadsheet you can use on your desktop. And with more advanced features and customizable by you if needed.


I have looked at the great spreadsheets people have already created and shared on Business Model Hub. These all are very advanced (and complex) and serve a specific need. I have not yet seen a "don't make me think" kind of spreadsheet that would be as forward to use as the BMC and the iPad app.


Would you be interested in a spreadsheet like that to do your business model calculations?

And would you be willing to pay a small amount to use the spreadsheet?


I have a lot of experience creating business case spreadsheets and financial benchmark models, also to be used by people who do not have the amount of expertise I (and you) have.


Thank you for your reply! (both positive and negative!)


Best regards,


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This sounds very promising. I noticed you posted your initial question last year. What is the current status of your idea?

Thank you,

Teisha Pope

Hi Teisha,

Thanks for your reply. You can find the 'current status' by downloading the spread sheet as I posted in this discussion earlier. It has some basic functions in it, read the posts to find out more. Further I have suspended the project, as mentioned.

Best regards,


Hi Marcia,

I have suspended this project for now, see above. My advice for now: use the Toolbox on the iPad. That is what I do as I help my clients with developing their business model.

Best, Diderik

HI Diderik,

Thank you for replying to my post.  I will check out the iPad Toolbox.

Marcia Frank

Hi Diderik:

Do you know if it is possible to use the Business Model Toolbox (BMT) on a PC other than an iPad application?



Hi Marcelo,

As far as I know the BMT is for iPad only. Which is a pity, I believe. That is the reason I started creating this Excel sheet back then.

Best regards,



Diderik is correct, the BMToolbox works only on the iPad. Alex and company are currently working on a web-based tool that will hopefully be released later this year.

Diderik / Mike,

Thanks for your answers. I will just wait to see the new PC application.

Best regards,



I really like how you laid out your worksheets and would like to try using them. Is there an unprotected version you are sharing?


Thank you and everyone that is posting here. Your efforts are really a help for someone new to this.



Hi David,

The tool is available for just €20,-. Please sent me your email for further details.

Best regards Marijn

How generous of you to share this solution, Diderik.  Thanks so much.


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