Advanced yet simple to use Excel Spreadsheet for Business Model calculations

Hi BM experts!


I am thinking of creating an advanced yet simple to use (Excel) spreadsheet to do Business Model calculations. Something as easy to use as the BMG iPad app, but then in a spreadsheet you can use on your desktop. And with more advanced features and customizable by you if needed.


I have looked at the great spreadsheets people have already created and shared on Business Model Hub. These all are very advanced (and complex) and serve a specific need. I have not yet seen a "don't make me think" kind of spreadsheet that would be as forward to use as the BMC and the iPad app.


Would you be interested in a spreadsheet like that to do your business model calculations?

And would you be willing to pay a small amount to use the spreadsheet?


I have a lot of experience creating business case spreadsheets and financial benchmark models, also to be used by people who do not have the amount of expertise I (and you) have.


Thank you for your reply! (both positive and negative!)


Best regards,


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Hello Diderik,

Love your spreadsheet database. I just came to know about these business models when I read Business Model Generation by A. Osterwalder. I wanted to use your spreadsheet model as a reference on something I am working on, which actually makes my life so easy.


Hi Sahil, you are very welcome! I am surprised how you and others still find this a useful spreadsheet, even after so many years, even if it is only a simple version.

There could be an opportunity here to make some business out of it, in case anyone is interested. FYI: I did a test selling the spreadsheet and was able to sell it two times for $5 (unlocked version).

I do not have the time to pursue this.

nice post. it will be useful for everyone. thanks for sharing it.


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