I am exploring how Computer Aided Design can help in managing strategy. I built a tool which support the Blue Ocean Strategy Canvas http://strategycanvas.org . Editing can be done in realtime with multiple collaborators. The website also works on the ipad.


Beyond assisting the creation of the canvas. What kind of features could better help you identify a strategy?


- Support some kind of system to compare merge canvases from differents participants to find a concesuss?

- Highlight when the value cruve is different from competitors (blue ocean)?

- When adding a new point hint, the value of previous choices or from the average industry value?


Other ideas?

What do you think? 

Any feedback is welcome.




Known issues: Might not work if you are behind a strong firewall.


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For some reason this canvas never resonated with me in Blue Ocean Strategy. Maybe I felt that it was just too subjective. I'm curious as to whether or not you address that in the high/low offerings axis.

What did resonate with me was the 4 actions framework. That is rather simple to facilitate and powerful when used in the right context.


I agree. The 4-actions framework is very simplistic and easy to use. It compliments the BMC quite well seamlessly.


The Offerings axis is very subjective, not sure if it needs to be addressed on a same canvas. But it becomes a problem when you want to compare canvases.

Personally, I like the way you can visualize the 4 actions on this canvas.

I am curious about how you use the 4 actions? In a list of elements? Directly on the post-its of the Business Model Canvas? Other?


Hi Boris,

Really liked the tool. If I had to choose one option it would certainly be "support some kind of system to compare merge canvases". 

As to the best moment to add a point hint, I would rather consider the average industry value...



I use both the Strategy Canvass and the 4 Actions framework to help me get into my own business clients and non clients minds and that of my clients markets. I don't seem them as substitutes but rather compliments used to help me develop a better BMG framework. I incorporate BO into my BMG framework and use the canvass and 4 actions to help me solidify my strategy

I'd like to have already prepared list of industries. This way I will be able to select particular industry and get already defined the range of factors that the industry competes on and invests in.

Then I need to have at least one typical/average strategic profile that is present the current state of play in  selected industry.

"As to the best moment to add a point hint, I would rather consider the average industry value..."

I agree with above suggestion, but I'm wondering where you get the average industry value.

To help you more I need to know and understand your data oriented perspective for this tools.

Beside doesn't make much sense to use related tools without some kind of data based connections.

Keep in mind that I started learning of this stuff just a few days ago and I didn't see yet other tools provided in this area of business. On your place I would be worry about finding enough incentives for people to create data for your platform. You should orient your platform to accumulate and produce Big Data.

You should think about your tools not as some kind of visual tools but as business platform. And this means you should consider creating business model for your platform. And you should find the way to engage crowd in defining and polishing features of the platform.

One more thing that I believe is very important to point out. You are software developer. So I suppose that you know how typical software developing is working. I figured out myself that name of this industry is business development. It's complicated process with many components and connections between them.

To make everything work properly you have to treat business model designers as software developers and ask them to use something similar to issue tracker. Ask them to help with developing business logic of the project. Using the book as your software partner is very big mistake. You should create environment to test and check ideas constantly. It's just business software. And specific nature of this software require to make this software as open source. Of course you can keep this software as private property. But in this situation you will get only small talk when asking for insight. There are many important reasons why software industry widely employed open source approach. Most people here are not the programmers. Of course they know what it is open source. But it's not necessary mean that they really understand the concept.


"- Support some kind of system to compare merge canvases from differents participants to find a concesuss?"

I would suggest that you look for a way to illustrate how the new proposal (maybe kindof blue ocean, maybe not) is "distant", on different dimensions (values, bargaining power, support technologies, decision schemes etc...) from the industry you want to escape from or compete with.

it reminds me of the "potential conflicts detector" Henry Chesbrough showed during last BDSummit in Berlin.


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