We would like to know more about your opinion on the below book titles. Once the book title is chosen we can start designing the book cover. You can comment here on the forum, but please also vote on the polling page to express your opinion.

Here the titles:
  • The Business Model Bible - a reference guide for entrepreneurs, managers, and consultants
  • Designing Business Models - a practical manual for sketching strategic alternatives
  • Business Model Innovation - a toolkit for designing strategic alternatives

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Having read several of the forum and blog postings I have noticed that we have started referring to "the canvas" as short-hand for the central ideas as well as just the visualisation aspects.

Again I am merely trying to brainstorm, but:
The Canvas - [explanatory subtitle]
I agree these titles are very safe, anyway I would vote for Business Model Innovation, I would suggest that maybe is better to add something else to this title as: Dinamic or contineous
Business Model Dinamic Innovation, etc.
It's Friday night, so I will just comment with a slightly hilarious approach. Alex you're too good for long titles !! I like David suggestion, i like the idea:

The Canvas ------------> (title)
A journey into Business Model Innovation ------------->(subtitle in smaller font)

but I have a big doubt. Why do I like that ? First, "Business Model Innovation" is my preferred choice. It's just you Alex ! Now, I 'm not a fan of descriptive titles like ... "the 10 best ways to", "the ultimate guide to ...", etc. They have been over-abused by books whose poor, commercial content is far from the the unique and innovative approach you created. If you talk of Innovation (and your approach is indeed innovative!!), you must be innovative, therefore fresh, evocative, simple. You evangelize using simple images to communicate effectively .... fantastic... artistic ... then you go for verbose title !! No! You betray your approach :-)) ... keep in mind, if this is a success you will see "Business models for dumbs!" on the shelves :-)
I think you can try aiming to both goals altogether: optimize google searches and simplicity for word of mouth and virality. you get your google hits with the subtitle ! You get viral with your title ! "Blue ocean" is remembered by anybody for its evocative, simple concept... and people talk about it... suggest it, pass it, remember the title at the coffee machine. Canvas has a double meaning, a place for design, and "a painting" which evokes your idea of "images" to deliver effective, simple yet rich communication. So I imagine interviewers asking "Why Alex, did you choose The Canvas as title"... and you from that word would start your 3 mins elevator's pitch and deliver all the value prop of your approach. and book ... Any longer description will go to the back cover. Imagine people saying: "Hey did you buy "The Canvas"....

Ok, now I must say that "journey" in the subtitle is not yet the right word (just a feeling). Yes, it's dynamic and give the sense of discovery, but still a little too used... But this path, which David started, is good !! I can also imagine the the front cover displaying a watermarked crop of "Your" distinctive canvas on it, in diagonal on the cover, and with an opened stylo pen near that (simple and elegant) which has just finished a drawing like one of your first posts on the blog, remember it ? .... Now, would you believe I'm an engineer in my profession ?? :-))

What is my single doubt then ?? One: Blue Ocean introduced "The strategic canvas" so i'm scared this can seem to be mimicking that a little too much .-.. sigh !!! But it's true you took that idea to a new level per se ... Again my friday provocative thinking for discussion. maybe Sunday I'll be fresher.
Carlo - what a passionate comment. And you are right, like the many comments that preceded yours. The titles proposed were too conservative and not good for marketing.

I very much buy the "Blue Ocean" argument... That's the trajectory we should look into. So let us explore the path of short titles that can go viral!

Praveen, who I met in Bangalore yesterday added: I pick up a book if the title is inspirational... What a design constraint: A SHORT AND INSPIRATIONAL TITLE...

@all: I enjoy this amazing discussion and am very grateful for your participation and help! Thanks!

What called my attention to your work since I've read your PHD Thesis is the "essential approach to business modeling".

Like other great insights, your method captures the very essence of what a business model should make explicit and what it should hide. That is, a good model is the one that hides the details, that it's better to abstract from if we want to keep the main lines in mind. It's the 7 more or minus 2 cognitive limit. It's the 20% that solves 80% of Paretto's Law. It's the "less is more" version for the business essential analysis and design.

So I suggest the following alternatives, inspired by your essential approach and also by the previous posts:

=> Business Model Innovation: Creating New Value by Design
=> InNovate Now ! Designing an Outstanding Business Model
=> Essential Business Modeling: Creating New Value by Design
=> Business Model That Works: Innovating by Design
=> Essential Business Modeling: A Picture is Worth a Thousand of Errors
=> Value-Oriented Design: Business Modeling Made Easy
=> Value-Oriented Design: Business Modeling for Innovation
=> Value Creation by Design: Business Modeling Made Easy

Just more brainstorming food.

Best regards,
Claudio D'Ipolitto

I my opinion, I prefer the third: Business Model Innovation - a toolkit for designing strategic alternatives

To say this is the Business Model Bible is quite pretentious at this time, as this is an emerging field.

The second, Designing Business Models is not as attractive as the third.

Those are my two cents.Must Visit


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