I'm looking for new books about startups, entrepreneurship and new business in general. I've already read BMG, BMY, Startup's Owner Manual, Lean Startup. And I have other books but I haven't read them yet: Running Lean, The Entrepreneur Guide to Customer Development.

What is your recommendation?

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Hi Pedro

That's a pretty substantive reading list you have. What could I suggest on top of that:

Mark Johnson - Seizing The White Space: A different take on business model framework (4-box model). The  key element I liked in the book was his view on the job-to-be-done.

John Maeda - Laws of Simplicity: not strictly a book about startups, but has a lot to say about creative thinking and clarity

Dave McLure - Pirate Metrics: I don't think he has released a book yet, but there are lots of videos of him talking on the subject. Look past the obvious, i.e. metrics for technology startups and view the 5 elements (acquisition, activation, revenue, retention, referral) as the essential components of a CRM strategy

Let's see what others might have to offer from their readings. 


Hi Mike,

Just found this post, http://businessmodelhub.com/forum/topics/importance-of-integration-... you.

I think I should add another question: what tools can enhance BMG?

I'll look for this books you recommend. Thanks.

I'd recommend starting with what you've read and vigorously applying the concepts to a real-life situation (preferably your own business or startup).

It's easy to get sucked into the vortex of knowledge - reading lots of books, listening to lectures, etc. - but none of those build businesses.

Think of it this way - Just like the minimum viable product concept, good enough is good enough. The key is to put something out there with the least effort and cost to test your hypothesis / hypotheses.

With the books you've mentioned having read you have TONS to work with without digging any deeper.

Get to doing. You'll learn more there than any book can teach.



Hi Pedro
I know it's been a few weeks since you put this post out.I've also read your list of books and agree with David Berman about just getting on with it, but just one more book I would strongly suggest- Roger Martin,'The Design of Business,why design thinking is the next competitive advantage' (Harvard Business Press),2009. This helped me confirm my own position on design thinking and the span between analytical and intuitive thinking. I would say being able to position yourself and everything else correctly at the begining stages is going to help keep you fully focussed on your strengths. There is so much in business with a bias towards analytical thinking, whereas many entrepreneurs bias towards intuitive thinking, and not bringing the two together will see failure round the corner.


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