Hi guys!

As everybody here, I am a fan of Business Models, and I learned about that thanks to Alex! :)

I would like to announce today the opening of my website/blog : www.bm2business.com

This website presents a completely new theory of BM, that I called "Bm²". It is basically a "Body Of Knowledge" for BM design and analysis. I've been working on it for a few years, with the objective of providing the relevant tools that are necessary to go deeper in the design and analysis of BMs. I see my theory as complementary to Alex's canvas: when the BMC allows you to sketch your BM, collaborate on its design, try several possible BMs etc, the Bm² theory goes much more into details, both at strategic and tactical levels.

I'm sure many of those who are now very familiar with the concepts of BMs, and even more those who are now experts, will find in the Bm² theory many powerful concepts to go deeper in the design and analysis of BMs!

Of course, feel free to make comments!  :)



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