I'm working on a master's research on Business Model Canvas and the Organization's Performance Management.

In this phase of the research, I seek to know opinions about a set of organizational performance indicators previously selected for the Canvas.

The target audience for this survey are professionals who know about both themes (Business Model Canvas and Performance Assessment).

If you are interested in participating, please contact me privately and I will share the material.


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This discussion raises doe interesting questions and concerns for me.

There appears to be a clash of levels of abstraction in this dynamic. The business model canvas is a strategic  tool often expressed (by Alexander) as the blueprint of how your business strategy is to be implemented. Performance management and performance indicators are tactical tools used at the operational level of the business.

I believe, though the two items are linked, there are no 'performance indicators' baked into the business model canvas view of the business.

How do you see this duality of strategy and performance.

Thank you.


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