Hello everyone,

A few weeks ago, I searched for a free online tool to build a business model canvas but I didn't find any on my first search, so I decided to build my own, and I just wanted to share it with you. http://businessmodelcanvas.herokuapp.com

Currently, I'm hosting it on Heroku but I'm planning to buy a domain and move it to another dedicated server. The boards now are public, which means anyone can edit the canvas, I'm working on adding the private canvas feature, push notifications (when a user adds a card it appears directly on the other user's board when sharing the same board) and some other cool features. Please, stay tuned. If you've any comments or feedback please drop me a message and sure I'll check it and respond. 

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We registered a new domain http://lienzo.biz. If you visited http://businessmodelcanvas.herokuapp.com it will redirect you to the new domain. All you're boards, info ... are persistent and safe :-).

Great job Mohamed!


Thanks Arthur! 

Thanks for informing us.

Mohamed, other question. Sometimes I go places where they do not have WiFi available. Is there a way of working with your application offline?

You're welcome Marco :-). Unfortunately, the app requires Internet connection. We may launch apps for devices for example iPad/iPhone app, Android app ... etc so that you can use the app offline and sync the changes when you go online automatically. 

Great idea, thanks for sharing.

I'll keep you updated!

You're welcome.

Hello Mohamed,

It's a great app. very useful. Only a stupid things recarding language options. When you zoom a block default language go to english insted you have another languege in Canvas.

in other hand, but I am not sure, Cost strucuture in spanish woulb be Estructura de Costes instead of CostOS, that I think is more used in south america...

all the best!

Hello Sergio,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for this delayed reply :-).

When you zoom a block default language go to english insted you have another languege in Canvas.

Good catch, we'll handle this in our new release which will be after 2 weeks from now.

Cost structure in Spanish woulb be Estructura de Costes instead of CostOS, that I think is more used in South America...

Oh, thanks very much, I think there is a difference in the Spanish accents, right? I'll add a Spanish translation for the South American countries besides the existing Spanish translation.

Thanks very much Sergio for sharing these two points :-). 

I wouldn't worry about it. Both Spanish and Latin Americans will understand whether it says costos or costes. 

Just wanted to thank your terrific app. I just started using it and it's great.  I also love the design. 

If you're missing some Spanish translations, maybe I can help if you'd like (at least with the LatAm Spanish!


Really amazing! Thanks Carols for the words. Since the app is expanding so I suggest it'll be more professional and language friendly. We can get in touch using the contact us page of lienzo if you don't mind :-).

Thanks again and looking forward to talking to you.

you're welcome. I am grateful to be able to use this tool.

As Carlos said, we don't have any problem to understand both spanish but I think it's better to use each propertly words for every kind of spanish hehe.

If you need any translation let me know.

I am sorry for my delay but your reply was in my spam folder...

all the best!

Hi  Sergio,

You're right regarding that's better to each the proper words. I'm interested in your offer regarding translating Lienzo into the South American Spanish if possible. Please, let me know.


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