Dear fellow-designer

after sketching a business model with post its I like to transfer the content into a ppt file to send and discuss it. See attached.

I would like to share this but have to admit, that  I am not very good with office programs. I find it nice but it takes me to long to fomat the text in the fields in the right way. I also want to get rid of the blue colour what turns out to be impossible. This was created with open office and saved as ppt. Feel free to download it and adapt it to your needs.

I would also appreciate it if someone improves this and uploads a better version.

Best regards


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Hi Thomas,

To remove the blue background, select the shape, select format shape and select 'no fill.' Thank you for offering this ppt template!


somehow that doesn't work propperly with open office.
Hi Thomas

Here's what I use as powerpoint canvas. I have included a blank post-it note as well. One can type text over top of the note, and resize the note as necessary.

Great. Thanks a lot Mike. That is a really nice one. Looks creative and inspiring.
Here's one that is intended only for the high level view... includes the business model of

thanks Andrew.
Hi all, I would very much appreciate a reference to We share the hard work we put into this freely, but expect a reference of the original work in return.

You can find the Business Model Canvas poster and the corresponding Creative Commons license here:

Thank you, I'm sure you understand.
Hi Alex,

For clarity, this is part of a longer PPT we use which refers to you and your URL.

I'll add it to each slide.

Excellent, thank you for the information. We insist on having a reference to the book under every Business Model Canvas, just like we did on the poster. It doesn't have to be huge, just visible ;-)
Dear Alex
Sorry for missing it and thanks for the link.
no worries - sharing under a CC license is still something very new and it will slowly enter our customs...
Dear Thomas, here you can download a BMC . Easy to modify.



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