Hi all,

I live in India. A few years back I & my wife started a project to help unemployed women to earn from home. We thought of teaching them Crochet for free.

We talked with some of the women and found that they suffered from these issues.

They lacked finance to invest in hooks & yarns.
They lacked the skills required to produce crochet products and there was no one to teach them for free.
They lacked the Internet skills to purchase variety yarn from websites.
They lacked the necessary marketing skills to sell the finished products.

We both then came together with this plan:

Teach women the skills freely
Provide yarn, hooks, accessories & patterns freely.
Market & sell the finished goods using social media like face book and in other local fares.
Take back the cost of yarn & hooks from the selling price and give the profit completely to the crocheter.
Provide more yarns for others from the money taken back from the selling price.
Encourage those who have learned to teach others by following the “each one teaches two” method.

This will help the women:

To learn the skills without any cost.
To get yarn without any cost.
To sell products without any marketing expertise
Since we give the yarn freely initially we will take back its cost from the selling price of the finished goods to buy more yarn for others to use.
This will enable us to provide free yarns for other women who are not able to afford it.

This plan worked because I was putting a fixed amount of money into the project from my salary.

Later I lost my job due to bipolar disorder and

1. We had no money to put into the project for overhead expenditure

2. There was no space for keeping the raw materials we purchased when I shifted from city to countryside house

3. THere are four groups of women scattered and 3 more groups will be started soon.

4. We used to sell the finished products at flea markets. But now the finished goods' are big in number and we do not know how to sell them to give payment to crafters.

5. Some of the crafters themselves does not finish the product in time

I think I will have re-think the business model entirely.

Where do I start?

Thank you


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