Based on the swot analysis in the book I'm developing tools to compare a canvas filled in by the ceo of the company and a canvas based on research based on facts and filled in on bases of these facts.  It shows a GAP-analysis of the perception ofthe CEO and the facts that really matters. I think this can be a enourmous addition to  the book and gives consultants and edge to advise companies in their future strategy.(s there any interest to devlop this tool on a Global Scale?


Regards Marijn Mulders

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Hi there pal, not !1 :)

As others have also said here, I doodle the Business Model on a board (pre iPad Apps days!) and then present them saying that your company is struggling because it has 7 different business models on essentially the same business as each of your 7 executives have a different model from the other 6 has!


This gets them thinking and therefore you get immediate agreement that we at least need an agreed common BM for all 7 executives to discern where we have issues and then potentially build a new business model.

As proven time and again, executives all have different maps of reality and the business model helps bring them all to one page. I think the real value is to get the As Is individually first from the executives and then workshop the common As Is with all of them in a workshop so that all of them would then take ownership of the collectively crafted BM.

Alex: you may want to comment on this!


I have experienced the inverse of your experience. I have worked with companies who don't seem to realize they are running more than one business and need to think about separate models.

An organization providing procurement services insisted they needed to look a all procurement as one line of business to standardize. As we worked through the business model it became apparent they have two different businesses - a solution business, where clients submit requirements and they solicit goods or services to match, and a platform business, where clients can leverage pre-existing agreements on price and delivery. These businesses require very different capabilities and emphasis to be effective.

Another organization I worked with, when we worked out the business model, found they were actually running four separate business lines that use two different structures. By separating out these businesses, they were able to focus more clearly on maximizing the one business that was most in need of work, while the others that were working very effectively could continue without disruption.

The analysis of the As Is model can often generate very interesting insights into the business.

Thanks Mike. I was only refering to a single business line and the different views that team of executives had of their business!

Dear Cheenu,

Clearly this will happen in a lot of situations. Are you saying that in the evaluation tool a kind of benchmark between employees of one single company is also a need in the market? In the current benchmark tool companies of different branches are compared.

Best regards Marijn



I agree with your point whereas  in some cases for example  a very large corporation with multiple business lines of products or services,  key executives do often have different points of view of the business model even on a single line.  In particularly with  consumer productions and electronic manufacturers in Japan.  I have had the chance to work with a client in a similar situation in which there is some overlapping. However to Mikes point using the canvas helps flesh out ideas and visually determine which products or services they are actually offering and not impeding on other business lines. Starting with the "AS IS"  model creates an excellent starting point for questioning the existing environment.

To Marjns question... "an evaluation tool a kind of benchmark between employees of one single company" may be optional... and this could add weight to the hypothesis testing of Customer Development and the Business Model Canvas for a single company. As for the newly translated release...  I quite like the new version and it is useful.


Just a thought.


Best Regards






Dear All,

I have updated the Business Model Evaluation tool.

Take a look at the current analyses that are possible.

I'm also looking at the questions regarding the swot.

If I have the adapted set I'll post it here.

Karl, I'll sent you an update soon.

Best Regards Marijn


Dear Marijin,

I loved your swot model! Very easy and well developed.


Cris Herrero

Hi Chris,

Thanks for the compliment!

Best regards Marijn



I like the approach you have taken with your evaluation v3.1.


We have been using BMG and variant/hybrid tools as part of mentoring processes with early stage ventures.


A few observations:

  • most founders like the 1 page approach of BMG
  • ideally they like to be walked through an example and then review their venture
  • as attention span and frustration seem to be part of the process, we are finding less is more
  • some ventures want to explore capital - so organizing their venture from the eyes of investor is a different lens on the BMG/evaluation
  • as we match ventures with mentors we are finding the mentor is helping feedback inisights in the 9 categories, suggesting pivots and alternative approaches, and developing 2 week and 90 day action plans with the founders

A few questions:

  • have you done an investor evaluation
  • have you done a mentor evaluation - we would be glad to share our findings to co create a new eval


The joys of early stage ventures, I have a founder in the doorway.



Hi Scott,

Sorry for the late reaction, too bushy and thanks for your compliments.

I havn't done any investor relations yet.

I'm not sure what you mean with the mentor evaluation. If it means that I'm the facilitator in helping enterpreneurs developing their business the aswer is yes. I'm currently filling my benchmark with the evaluations of companies. I'm also devloping three tools on a web-based platform. These tools are the BMG - evaluation, BMG - comparison (Compare two evaluations) and the BMG-benchmark (compare your evaluation against all the evaluations in the benchmark based a set of sriteria being country, industry, profit/not for profit, entrepreneurs or researchers). 

I'll keep the different discussions on several platform up to date on the development. The excel tools are ready. The web based tools are in the starting phase.

Best regards Marijn


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