I've just completed a study with a venture capital fund on how to evaluate business models.

Attached you'll find the results.

I need some time to finish the excel tool that you can use as a template. If you're interested let me know. Then I'll send it to you once I'm done.




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Hello David,

just found your thesis and it looks like interesting stuff. Have you finished the excel tool yet?

I would love to receive it and see if I can use it as well.


Roel Wiewel

Hi David,

Like the others, I found your paper valuable and insightful and would like a copy of the Excel template when done.


David Adams

Great master thesis....can I have the excel template too? Thanks in advance...


great paper. Congratulations. 

Can you also send me the excel sheet? Thx. Luc. 

Hi David

Thanks for sharing your thesis.  There are some really valuable learning & insights in it.  I would be really interested in looking at the excel tool?  Many thanks.



This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. 


Hi there David...thanks for sharing this. I'd welcome the excel tool, should you have completed? I found this very useful..nice job!

A number of comments are asking for the tool - I also missed the link in the reply from David at the bottom of the first page.

Here is the link from that reply in case you missed it: Tool Spreadsheet

Hi David,

Amazing work! I would appreciate to have a look at the Excel Tool if it is available.



María Luz

Hi David,

I'm intrigued by your approach, well done!

PS: I'd be grateful to have the excel file.

Best Regards,



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