Business Model Fiddle - Print a beautiful business model document

We've improved printing. There is no need to export - simply print directly from your web browser.

Results do vary across browsers, however overall browser printing is quite good. Google Chrome and Firefox are best (I have not tested on IE10 yet).

Chrome also allows you to save directly to PDF. Here is this LinkedIn Fiddle printed directly to PDF from Chrome (print to see true quality):


Additional Fiddle sections such as the item Stack, Details and Notes, and Comments will be printed if toggled open (displayed)  - what you see on screen gets printed. We also show the URL for links in print output. 

We do not scale the canvas layout so for printing it is best to use the List Display mode - toggle display mode using the icon below the Fiddle code (top left). List display mode orders the canvas building blocks in workflow order.

Using print output and the Details and Notes section (Notes can be displayed/hidden as required) you can create a nicely formatted and structured business model document that includes your canvas and supporting information.

Printing is available in any Fiddle view so you can print canvas Snapshots and a selected Block as well.

Disclosure: I am the developer of Business Model Fiddle and welcome all feedback. 

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Hi Johan, 

Nice tool! Yesterday we did a session with the MT and for improving and fine tuning Fiddle will be of good use to us.


-what does the icons of local, the small hand, the camera and the box mean?

-drag and drop to change the order of the notes would be usefull to me

Keep up the good work! 


-it takes me some time to figure out how to save an adjusted canvas

-as said something like a think a mouse-over explanation of the different icons would improve the tool a lot 

Hi Marthijn

Thanks for the feedback. Answers

See: (the screen snaps need updating so minor difference from current version but information is correct)

- "local" this is the unique code for you fiddle. Once you save "local" is replaced with the assigned code. Local tells you your fiddle is only stored on your machine.

- Hand enable/disable dragging of items. This is useful on small screen/mobile or during presentations so that you do not inadvertently move items when you touch the screen to scroll. 

- Camera links to snapshots and is active once you take some snaps. Snapshots record your canvas to document it over time. Take a snapshot by clicking the camera icon in the toolbar - open the toolbar (click just below the top button bar) or on the canvas title

- Drag and Drop if available, just ensure hand icon is active. Unfortunately I have to disable it when you add the first item to a block due to a bug in iOS.

- Save - just click the "check" icon. Sounds like maybe using text in place of icons would be better.

- Mouse over help. Since the app is cross platform and browser (mobile/touch to desktop) I try to avoid actions like mouse-over that do not work on touch. 

Thanks for the feedback - any other comments welcome. All help to improve the tool.

Thnx for your answers Johan. I thinks its a very nice tool. I do a strategy and innovation project for a publishing firm and it has been of good use. I will translate the fiddles later and share them with you. The post-its are in Dutch right now. 

Thanks Marthijn

I just updated the app so that drag is enabled correctly after you add new items:

 - When you edit/add items the drag icon (hand) will show drag disabled.

- When you complete editing if will show enabled (or the same as before you started editing).

If you would like to translate the app and/or canvas/es into Dutch please see details here:

it looks good

Thanks Victor

I've also added SSL - your web browser will redirect to a secure connection when Fiddling.

Hi Okke-Jorn

Thank you for the positive feedback - glad you fin Fiddles useful. 

Any other feedback/suggestion are welcome.

Check out my webtool it also works on mobile


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