The Business Model Innovation Hub aspires to become THE reference point on the discussion around business models and business model innovation.

So let us build the best reference library on the topic. Please help us collect all relevant...
  • ... books
  • ... reports (e.g. by consultancies)
  • ... research papers (e.g. peer-reviewed articles)
  • ... magazine articles (e.g. Fast Company, Wired, etc. writing on business models)
Point out the following elements for each reference you want us to add:
  • title
  • author(s)
  • type (book, report, research paper, magazine article)
  • year of publication
  • URL / website
  • how it relates to business models and business model innovation
  • main take-away
Thanks for helping make this work!

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it is so obvious, so no one has mentioned it. but if we create a library about business modeling it is one of the starting points (which we probably all have read):

Osterwalder, A. (2004): “The Business Model Ontology. A Proposition in a Design Science Approach.” Dissertation at University of Lausanne.
Interesting web-article:

Taulli, T. (2009): “Three Steps to a Sound Business Model.” Business Week, 27 February 2009. Available from:

Another approach to business modelling - three steps (instead of nine building blocks).
Zott, C. and Amit, R. (2006): “Exploring the Fit Between Business Strategy and Business Model: Implications for Firm Performance.” Available from:

A paper about the difference of strategy and business model and how they are interlinked.
10 new business models for this decade., Thaesis and Ouke Arts use the business model canvas to present new business models.
My personal favorite is "The Innovators Guide to Growth"


I did a quick review of this book at Barnes & Noble (online) and it looks like a great download to NOOK.

The book looks like a great fit to the BMC.

Thanks. - Scott


Conceptualizing a Sustainability Business Model

Wendy Stubbs and Chris Cocklin


June 2008

relates fundamentals of sustainability to the business world; will allow readers to apply BMC and ideals from this group to the larger picture for applying sustainability into business models; provides readers with relevant case study type information of the sustainability business model in action; sustainability is a relevant and growing practice in the business world and its application by business will bring great innovation

Dear BMG-Fellowers,

I am currently writing my Master Thesis at the University Maastricht (preliminary topic: Business model innovation through effectual thinking).

Please find attached a list of references, referring to the business model construct, its theoretical roots, recent & future research, as well as business model innovation/renewal/evolution/experimentation/learning and questions concerning its link to strategy , entrepreneurship and other fields of research.

Most importantly, I also included the whole special issue on 'Business models' from the Long Range Planning journal 2010.

@Alex: Do we have a 'dropbox account' to easier share, link and comment on articles of any kind? It would be helpful and time-saving. Each person gets a 2GB free account ... we might set up one for the "Business Model Innovation Hub' community.

@All: Thanks for your thoughts, insights, and suggestions.


Make it a great weekend,


Those interested in a cross-cultural perspective on business models — why some seem to transfer more readily across borders than others — may enjoy a look at my doctoral thesis, Cultural Coloring: Exploring How National Origin Affects the International Portability of Business Models.

It's a bit of theory supported by four case studies, and amazingly enough, it's not boring!

Here's a list of references used for the research (not all appear in the thesis as not all were quoted).

Not for free : Revenue Strategies for a new world by Saul J. Berman (2011)


Link :



This article supports the view that the business model and design thinking are becoming mainstream.


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