we are using the business model canvas and the value proposition enhancement in developing business models and training for business administration/entrepreneurial contexts.

Due to demand we developed the model further for non-profit organizations and even the personal development of individuals as working model canvas.

Does anybody else share this wish to elaborate on the model - please let me know.

I would gladly share the principles of this development.



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I am sure there are quite a few people involved with non-profit organizations who would be interested in your work. I would strongly encourage you to share your thoughts with the community and get feedback and discussion.

Hello Mike,

thank you for your reply. Here are our findings:

we believe that non-profit organizations need a sustainable business-modell as well. So we confronted members of a cultural non-profit organization with the business model canvas.

At first we met strong objection to the adaption of the model due to the fact that some members of the organization reacted to the assumption of "profit" in the model.

So we exchanged some of the terms in the model and it worked just fine.

Please find attached the altered model.

Please find attached the cultural business model canvas


Often issues like the reaction to using the canvas are more related to how the canvas is presented rather than an intrinsic problem with the canvas itself.

When I work with non-profit organization I discuss the financial component, not in terms of profit but the sustainability of the organization. Revenues have to exceed costs or the organization cannot continue. It is not a matter of making a profit, but ensuring the organization has the financial resources necessary to continue operations.

By the way, this dynamic also applies to government organizations.

On the client segments, non-profits have to consider more than just the clients who are beneficiaries of their products and services. Often non-profits have an element of 3rd-party funding. It is a common problem that non-profits forget to include the bodies that provide funding (in some cases the only revenue source they have) as a client for whom they have to understand the value proposition.

I have used the existing canvas quite effectively with non-profit organizations without having to adapt or change the construct in any way.


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