I am putting together a training program for the farming sector (mainly farmers and agronomists) and business models will be one module. I am looking for examples of business models in the farming sector (e.g. dairy, grains, livestock). Any assistance appreciated.

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Hi Neil.

From Barcelona we are launching an assotiaation that aims to provide young farmers a way to ease the access to farm land since the price in Catalonia is too high for them. The idea is translate some of the practices from TerredeLiens in France o RegionalWert in Germany, taking care of the land and keeping it for next generation of farmers following organic methods.

It would be interesting to explore how this young farmers could access the funding and represent different ways on a canvas. Crowdfunding from the towns and fees from the association are two ways, but adopting a farm or selling product to local communites could work as well. 

Any idea? 

Hi Pere.

Thanks for your response. You have a very interesting challenge. I will have a look to see if anything similar is operating anywhere in Australia.




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