Hello there,

I am an engineer/manager working in a company that design and produce electronic instruments.

I want to usa Canvas to estimate if it make sense to start a specific design or not.

My biggest concerns are the hidden costs of a company.

Structure costs. Designers assign the hours they spend in a specific project.

However there are the costs of a structure that are hard to be correctly estimated for a specific project.

EU Grants let you charge up to 30% of the cost of the labour.

This means that if the designers spend an amount of hours on a specific project equal to 100KUSD then you can assign up to 30KUSD to the Structure cost.

My concerns are however on the production side.

Because if the structure costs of a design are fixed costs.

The structure costs of a production depends also from the quantities and so those are variable costs.

I do not know if the 30% value is correct for the Structure costs assigned to the production.

Moreover what if some products or subparts are outsourced?

Any help on how to estimate such costs?

Thanks a lot,


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