Dear BMG Memebers,
I need your help. I  read the BMG book and Blue Ocean. The information was extremely stimulating.  I am at the research phase attempting the BWG Canvas. I need to organize a group to  assist me with the Business Model Canvas. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

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Dear Mario,


I am interested to participate with you in the group you are trying to create. I read the twoo books you mentioned above too, and I agree with you about the feeling I got when reading them.



Hello Everyone,

Here is the link for you to participate on the Business Model Canvas:

Hello Salvador, I appreciate your interest in participating in the BMG Canvas Group. If you know of anyone who might be interested please invite them. Also your suggestions are welcome. I'm aiming for a minimum of 5-people to start the group. Kind Regards, Mario

Hey Mario,


If I understand this clearly, you want to gather a group to help you with your own BMG Canvas, right?


I am familiar with both books (read them, re-read them, consult both once in a while), but I definatly need some practice in the field. Sign me in!


andre *at* winter *dot* adm *dot* br

Hello Andre, niece to meet you and welcom to the HUB. I appreciate very much your interest to participate with the BMG Canvas group. At the moment I need 3-more collaborators to start the group. I'll keep you posted. Kind Regards, Mario

Hello Andre,

Can you forward your email address. The CANVAS GROUP will start working on the Canvas today.

I woulld like to send you the link to access the account.

Kind Regards, Mario

Hello Andre,

Yes, I'm garthering a group to help me with the canvas. I would like to invite you to join us on the Lucid Chart from 8:am PST.  I hope you can make it despite the time difference.

Kind Regards,


If you need a great collaborative tool for generating the canvas, try LucidChart: Business Model Canvas on LucidChart


It's web-based and collaborative. I use it all the time. 

Hello Darrell, it's niece to meet you. I appreciate your recommendation very much. Would you be interested in participating in the Canvas Group? Kind Regards, Mario

I would be. I've done a few in the last two months so it's all very fresh. 


Drop me a line:

Hello Darrell, I hope you can find the time to place your comments on the Lucid Chart.

Kind Regards,


Hello Everyone,

Here is the link for you to participate on the Business Model Canvas:


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