Dear BMG Memebers,
I need your help. I  read the BMG book and Blue Ocean. The information was extremely stimulating.  I am at the research phase attempting the BWG Canvas. I need to organize a group to  assist me with the Business Model Canvas. Please let me know if anyone is interested.

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Hello Shojan,

I'm pleased to meet you. Yes. You are welcome to participate in the CANVAS GROUP. You knowledge of management is very important. You can join us the interactive Lucid Chart and make you comments. Follow the Link:

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,


Hello Shojian, I appreciate your comments very much. I have been able to focus and understand the concepts.

I posted some more information.

Kind Regards,


Hello Shaojan. Have a look at the new information on the CANVAS. I look forward to your feedback:

Hello Everyone,

The CANVAS on the Lucid Chart has been generating some very good activities and I'm looking forward to your contributions.

Kind Regards, Mario


Hello Everyone. I invite you to look at the new information on the CANVAS. I await your feedback:

Hello group, the LucidChart achieved a limit for new objects (under their free licence).


I would like to add a comment: Design costs could be reduced, and it can be fun, to reach students and young designers to croudsorce garments and design collections. It makes even more sense for an online store, with a social network appeal.


What do you think?



I agree with you. One possibility is to work using a nice platform where the new dessigners ( students -[customer segment ]- of design schools - [key partners] ) show their offers,  and the visitors -[customer segment]- of the platform could vote if they would buy or not these designs and even a forecast of selling prices could be made. The most voted designs go to the production line ( local supplier - key partner ) and the item goes to the online store to be offered to the potential buyers [customer segment ]

The key... to have all this cycle fast. The speed the trends are changing nowadays is really high and, to offer something different, you need to be the fastest one.

After cheking the lucidchart canvas, I see that Mario's ideas is going in a diferent line, at least the notes that appear there show that. Anyway, this is, in a general way, my proposal.


P.S. Sorry for my english

Hello Andre and Salvador,

I really appreciate your comments.

The model is evolving  into areas I did not see before, which I think is very interesting.

Andre, I agree I need to reduce COST. As well as Differentiate what the model is offering (Blue Ocean). Of course Testing the model (Customer Development).

The question of SPEED should also be more about efficiency of the service/platform/website-I think the overall operations.

The challenge is to offer something different (fashion) but within a control many. How to accomplish such a thing is where I need to explore deeper.

Kind Regards,


Dear Friends,

I posted some new information on the Lucid Chart. There have been some amazing developments, do let me know what you think.

Kind Regards,


Hi Mario,
I found that video and I think it could be interesting for you.

Hello Salvador. Thanks for the link.



Hi Mario,


I hope you are fine. I received your mail and , further to it, I check the green boxes you included. You introduce some very interesting points and I added one line in the Key Activities. Anyway, I think It will be very helpfull if you recycle all the post it that appear in the Canvas, to take out the points that are not in the line you are interested in.

Too many different concepts, I think, will lost you. It is necessary a clear way, a clear model with clear entries. If you do so, pleas inform me. I will be very glad to see this first conclusion of the discussion.


Best wishes



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