We are in the middle of a series of Masterclasses for starters in which I also introduce the Business Model Canvas.

Does anybody know where I can get the Canvas on a bigger scale (A3 or Poster size?)

Thanks for the help


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I'm looking into getting some printer in various sizes. Wondering if anyone else has same problem?

I'm also thinking that a pad of even A4 ones (or even bound as a notebook) would be useful for sketching ideas out in.

Regards, Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

I have mine printed at FedEx Office or other local printer. 

I use FedEx Office, too. I bought four laminated Business Model Canvas posters measuring 24" by 36" and they cost $16.88 each with my teacher discount 

I had 5 Laminated yesterday in AO size for $25AUD each in Sydney

I have mine printed by a local supplier. I´m happy


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