I am working on a curriculum piece (part of a larger course focusing on social entrepreneurship) about business models.  

The target audience will be primarily be non-business students/adult learners.  The context is a course in human-centered design.

Any recommendations for existing case studies that could be used in a classroom setting that ties in nicely with the Business Model Generation book.  

Because it is for a class, ideally it would a "teaching/learning" case study.

All ideas are welcome.


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Hi John,

I have recently started writing a blog on http://bmimatters.com/. In this blog, I am trying to describe the business models of different companies using the Business Model Canvas. I have provided the following case studies so far: Facebook, Google, VISA, Twitter, and Banking Industry. Please see if this is of help to you.



Thanks - that is helpful.  The biggest challenge I am facing is creating a shared language for non-business students... some of the case studies I reviewed are more designed to an MBA-level.  I anticipate are students are working on small biz....I just hope to get some ideas out of the starting blocks.  

Hi Jitender

I checked our your blog and it is indeed very informative and useful. I and another friend of mine (also a member of this forum) have been looking for Indian businesses being plotted on the BMC. Have you any plans of sharing any such work you have done? 



Hi Srini,

Thanks for your comments. I have Technology Industry background. So, I am presently writing on Tech Industry business models using the Canvas. I am interested in understanding Industry-specific business models (such as Banking, Manufacturing, Media) than company-specific business models. As I research and understand different industries business models, I will keep writing blog posts on those.



Thanks Jitender.

I find a low awareness of the BMC in India. What is your experience?

Great job Jitender =) 

Thanks for your sharing your blog Jitender. It is simple yet very informative. The subject you used are very relevant in today’s business as well, since almost everyone uses google and Facebook.

Interesting site and good resource. I created a Fiddle from your LinkedIn case study: http://bmfiddle.com/f/#/nLKz8

Be nice if create a Fiddles for your case studies and share the link. That way people can play with the models and create and share their own variations.

Any help with a model for Elance?


Thank you- your blog is fantastic. Very easy to read and understand. Thank you. Heather

The story of Mumbai (India) Dabbawalas could make an interesting case study for your purpose.

Here is their websire


Additional resources you may like to visit are


and this ppt can give you a quick intro to the case study/story


Hope this helps.



Thanks.  I did a quick review.  Although west Michigan is "miles away" from Mumbai ...culturally...the non-tech/well-run/service/niche business is what I want to use the canvas on.  This will be helpful


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