I am working on a curriculum piece (part of a larger course focusing on social entrepreneurship) about business models.  

The target audience will be primarily be non-business students/adult learners.  The context is a course in human-centered design.

Any recommendations for existing case studies that could be used in a classroom setting that ties in nicely with the Business Model Generation book.  

Because it is for a class, ideally it would a "teaching/learning" case study.

All ideas are welcome.


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Recently, I started to develop some lecture notes for my class in business model and business model innovation.

However, there are many problems: defining business model, describing components of business model, and showing business model with specific notation, and finding detial case for business model innovation, et al.

First of all, I need to catagorize business model in diverse viewpoints.

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i will do ..


Hey John, do you know about Unreasonable.is?

They are a Boulder-based group that publishes a great deal of material by and for the social entrepreneurship community. There should be a great number of examples for your class there, even on a weekly basis!

Hope that helps.



Hi John,

I am not sure if you have found this document online.  I found it on Reddit the other day.  It goes through 55 different business models.

It is pretty neat and easy to read.

Hope it helps.


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The book has five major sections.  In the first, the authors introduce their notion of a business model canvas broken down into nine constituent parts.  Some of these parts are obvious things that anyone trying to think about a business model would examine such as customer segments, value proposition, channels, customer relationships and revenue streams.  The canvas adds in the other pieces (key resources, key activities, key partnerships and cost structure) and adds an organizational overlay that lends itself to analysis.  The second major section takes a look at five different business models and fits them into the canvas.  The third section, called “Design,” describes various techniques such as visual thinking, ideation and prototyping, “that can help you design better and more innovative business models.”  The Strategy section then takes the earlier concepts and combines them with other strategic approaches such as SWOT analysis and Blue Ocean strategies in order to determine where opportunities for improving models may lie.  In the final major section, “Process,” the authors lay out a roadmap for running a business model design initiative.

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Hi John, 

We've been analyzing more than 1000 different business models in order to create the https://vizologi.com platform. 

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We are a small and young technology company that wants to rethink the business model design boundaries by using Data Science and Machine Learning techniques.

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Meanwhile, you can enjoy this curated case studies archive for your students. 



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