I am working on a curriculum piece (part of a larger course focusing on social entrepreneurship) about business models.  

The target audience will be primarily be non-business students/adult learners.  The context is a course in human-centered design.

Any recommendations for existing case studies that could be used in a classroom setting that ties in nicely with the Business Model Generation book.  

Because it is for a class, ideally it would a "teaching/learning" case study.

All ideas are welcome.


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Hi all,

I used this introduction: http://www.slideshare.net/mientje12/120605-mw-bm-business-model-cha...

and this hand-out: http://www.slideshare.net/fullscreen/mientje12/120605-mw-hand-out-b...


We had a great time and came up with some very inspiring ideas. Thanks for your ideas!

John, I am from Brazil. Me and a couple friends are trying to develop a course that teachs business models and show people that they can get over life as a mechanical thing and start doing something. But we are gatering some material together and searching for tips and examples to teach in classes such as exercises, examples, and stuff like that. Could you help me where to find those things?? Tks a lot

Hi Marcus,

There are a lot of good examples of Business Models in this forum as well as links to online articles.

At a recent coaching session that I conducted I asked people to work in groups and do an exercise using a project that they had in mind or to use their current employer as an example.


Hi John. Are you looking for cases, or case studies that are already written?

I'm not sure about case studies, but Khan Academy (http://www.khanacademy.org/) is an interesting case that can be used to explain the Canvas (i.e. the 9 building blocks), as well as some patterns (such as Long Tail and Multi-Sided Platform).

Hi Emile,
Ideally I'd like to have a document that would present a company and a its background with which students could put together a business model base.

Another option would be to show the evolution of a company through several business models. I'm thinking that Starbucks might be a good example to use.

I'm trying to avoid tech or Internet examples because most of my audience are in non-tech industries.

The whole idea of the course is to bring a Silicon Valley approach to traditional industry.

I used a quite simple bmc to teach the methodology a friend of mine. It was about a local kebap restaurant where we were drinking our beers that evening! It was simply focused on the basic parts on how the bm worked and them just asked him what will happen if we change the delivery from restaurant to home delivery! It was easy and he got the principle behind the methodolgy within minutes!

Would love to see your example - it sounds like a fun and creative introduction.

Maybe you would like to create a Fiddle (http://bmfiddle.com) and share the link with other BMG members here.

Recently, I held a business modeling seminar for startup companies which participated in commercialization of technology given by innopolis in Daeduk Research Park in Korea.

Although many of participants do not know business model canvas, they tried to understand and apply to their business.

After a seminar, I recieved several e-mails for helping their business model.

I would love to connect with you on your seminar for startups to see how you integrated the Canvas content

As I understand, since the Canvas content is "open-source" it can be used in work we do for companies with the credit being given back to their site


Can you or anyone confirm?

I'l love to see if the Canvas content exists in a PowerPoint format that can be delivered in a seminar training format.

Thanks in advance!


Try Confucius story, because the "teaching/learning" method is similar to Confucius story. and Taoism, it is about how to improve our knowledge.

focusing on individual improvement first. 

then...using facebook as example, to see how them build up the social platform. 

just an ideas...

Consider London and Hart's Next Generation Business Strategies for the Bottom of the Pyramid. Several interesting concepts, examples, and perspectives. I use it in my class to get my Social Entrepreneurship MBAs thinking about market creation instead of market entry.

Jitender your blogs are too good and very helpful. I also willing to start a new online business and your case study is very favorable. Good job man keep on going!!!!!!!


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