Four years ago we worked on the business model of FIFA as you can see through the comments below. It was an exciting co-creation process. Now, we are approached by a journalist from South Korea who wants to publish an article. Let's continue the journey... 

But how does the business model look like? And how does the model of the hosting country Brazil look like? What is the proposition, customer segments, revenue and costs? We are curious. Therefore we like to inspire you and challenge ourselves to draw the business model. 
We use the 2010 model as a start and redesign it for 2014. 
Adapted Visualized Business Model FIFA 2014
See here our model attached. Looking forward to your comments. What would you like to add? What is different from 2010? The vuvuzela's? Samba?  

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Excelent...I think, during the right side of de model a product like. Customer Segments are most of the wolrd, companies that come up with advertising, all the leagues of soccer globally interested in good soccer players and also host country because it brings the interest of everyone in it and this helps boost their market.

Thanks for your great post which can I understood that what a hard work that was!

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Thanks. Enjoy 50 World Innovation Creations For A Better Business and A Better Life ! :*Version*=1&*entries*=0

The best business model ever.

Hi Karen,

So true. What to do without technology. Cool ideas also...

Cheers Patrick

I think one of the major "key Partners" is the Tourism industry 


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