Four years ago we worked on the business model of FIFA as you can see through the comments below. It was an exciting co-creation process. Now, we are approached by a journalist from South Korea who wants to publish an article. Let's continue the journey... 

But how does the business model look like? And how does the model of the hosting country Brazil look like? What is the proposition, customer segments, revenue and costs? We are curious. Therefore we like to inspire you and challenge ourselves to draw the business model. 
We use the 2010 model as a start and redesign it for 2014. 
Adapted Visualized Business Model FIFA 2014
See here our model attached. Looking forward to your comments. What would you like to add? What is different from 2010? The vuvuzela's? Samba?  

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Hi, Patrick,
Great stuff. I think you pretty much nailed it. When you look at TV viewers, you find an entire market to its own. Partners include everything from pubs, sports bars and restaurants, and in turn, their suppliers/advertisers.
Hi Greg,
Thanks for your early response and input. You have a good point there. A challenge to visualize that as well. Business Models inside Business Models. We will add that...
Hi Patrick,

I like the way you have taken a world event and simplified it so that it can be replicated by any business it brings homewhat a great tool this is.
Great to see the model in use - live! I think we should look to capture the legacy benefits of the event for South Africa directly, Africa more widely, and every football nation generally. Maybe in the "Offer" segment?
Hi William, I will try to put the scope of the value proposition in there for the hosting country South-Africa
I think you may be missing a key resource, technology. How can we incorporate using social media to link to locals pubs etc. Can we get links on key sites? Can we use Foresquare and have people check-in at certain places? Can we do text fundraising for the local ticket fund (which is a great idea)?
Hi Karen,

So true. What to do without technology. Cool ideas also...

Cheers Patrick
Hi Patrick, under offer we must add HOSPITALITY and Tourism Investment opportunities I believe created by the sport event.
I would differentiate FIFA and SA World cup (FIFA organisation) and SA Worls cup (as the event). Similar to the Olympic movement and the actual olympic events (London 2012).
Ref Tourism the offer (incentive to bid to host) is the great inward investment in the country and brand promotion.
Bet Nicolas
PS: half italian and half spanish... dont I have 50/50 chance of winning cup?
Hi Nicolas,

Very good. I felt we needed to split the FIFA model and the Hosting model. I think you have a very good opportunity to win...

Cheers & thanks Patrick
Hi Partick

Things might be a little more complex than the first model shows.

One of the things you may have to consider is that you have bundled two different businesses into one canvas. An event like the World Cup, and this applies to the Olympics as well, is delivered by two separate businesses. There is the sport governing body, in this case FIFA, and the event hosting body, in this case South Africa World Cup organization. Some of the elements in the model are strickly FIFA and some are Hosting, and there are some that are shared.

FIFA's business is around licensing, advertising, broadcasting of video & radio (including licensed internet) and authorizing the teams to participate. Revenues like television and sponsorship are owned by FIFA licensed through a marketing subsidary and shared with the Event Host. FIFA gets paid by the wining bidder to host the event and gets shares of pretty much everything the Host does.

The Host business is wrapped around the event - multiple stadiums, infrastructure, event ticket sales, on site merchandising, and tourism. As well the Host would get a share of the advertising and broadcast revenues.

Perhaps the canvas should be split into two separate views - FIFA and Host.
Hi Mike,

True. I tried to keep it simple at first ;-)
I will unbundle into FIFA and a Hosting model.
Thanks for your input!

Cheers Pat
Hi , The business model is about FIFA´s business model around the worldcup only?.

Anyway, one of the most awesome way of revenues, is when you have a young soccer player with a value for example of US$ 0.5 millions and then after a time his value is for example US$ 10 millions. Worldcup contribute to the exhibition and value increase of the players.

Similar to R&D companies that growth in value.

I guess that FIFA, get a comission for each transaction or other kind of revenues associated.


Lesley from Chile.


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