My first post on this forum and with a good reason; I have something good to share and discuss. Hope you think so as well?

Let me first introduce myself and BlinkLane (an Amsterdam based consulting firm I work for). I am working in the consulting industry for 15+ years, mainly focusing on themes as IT Strategy, Business Agility and Innovation. Inspired by Alex Ostenwalder's book, some years ago we started using the Business Model Canvas to help organization to explore new strategies and innovate their business model. Because BlinkLane has a good track record in advising organizations on how to leverage IT to improve business performance, we often get into engagements where IT is an important enabler for business model innovation.

An actual topic we are working on with our clients is how they can use data to innovate their business model. Together with a colleague (Arent van 't Spijker), we have defined five business model patterns that use data to innovate. Or in other words: Business Model Patterns for Data Driven Strategy (DDS).

Below is a link to the paper that describes these 5 patterns:

1. Basic Data Sales

2. Product Innovation

3. Commodity Swap

4. Value Chain Integration

5. Value Net Creation

We have learned that these patterns are an excellent way to explore and discuss data driven initiatives within organizations. We would very much like to invite you to help further develop and improve these patterns. So any comments, additions, new ideas are very much appreciated.

Paper: Business Model Patterns for Data Driven Strategy

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Thank you for this very interesting paper on BM patterns. I look forward to working through it in depth. I will certainly be back with some comments.

For others, well worth the reading.


As the co-author of the paper, I am particularly interested in practical examples of organisations that are sharing data about the same customers to improve each organisation's value proposition. In the whitepaper, the pattern for this is called Value Net Creation, and usually use an intermediary third party to exchange the data amongst participating organisations.

Please have a look at the whitepaper and let me know if and how your organisation handles this kind of data strategy.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Ralph,

Recommend looking at a UK business called Health Unlocked. It is a 4 sided MSP in healthcare with only the data purchasers paying the money. As far as business models go it is a fine example with "free", good VP and CS fits all round, and charities doing much of the work for free and health providers as a free distribution channel on a platform business where there is shared purpose in the VP. Plus it fundamentally improves health outcomes for patients.

When I met with their founder, a serial entrepreneur, a while ago and sketched out their canvas subsequently I was genuinely taken aback by how coherent the whole model was. I am sure theirs is a pattern that could be replicated in other industries once deconstructed.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the tip. I've had a quick look, and it certainly is interesting. 


About the last paragraph - I agree.

 Thanks Arent  for the  feedback .When I clicked on the link it opened into a  blank  page ..has the white  been since removed ?

Hi Henry,

it works for me, but you could try this link instead: 


 Many thanks Arent  has worked like a trick !



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