Designing for Thriving: Bringing Living Systems Thinking into Organizational Design - Feb 13 Meeting of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group

As we start our 7th year, and are well past 1200 members, I thought it was time to start sharing with this community the growing impact of the work of the members of the Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group - that I helped to co-found in 2012. You can learn more about the vision and mission of this global community of innovation practice, as well as the projects of its members, here.

This group is a global knowledge mobilization initiative hosted by the Strategic Innovation Lab of the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU sLab), where I am now an adjunct professor - see My Intention: Take Action to Enable Flourishing

Happy to answer questions - reply via comments below or privately

Each month our members share their work: the latest practice and research. Below the picture announcement for this month's meeting.

Our monthly meeting - open to *ALL* members of this group and guests - is *ALWAYS* on the 2nd Tues of the Month at 16h30 EST / 13h30 PST / 21h30 GMT / 22h30 CET / 06h30 JST (+1 day) (Please add a recurring meeting to your calendars!)

Tues Feb 13th is our 68th meeting for our 1200+ members and the second of our 7th year.

You can attend remotely or F2F.
-- Start: 16h30 EST / 13h30 PST / 21h30 GMT / 22h30 CET / 06h30 JST (+1 day)
-- Details on how to attend when you join the group here.

This month we're delighted our long-time member Michelle Holliday. Her work centres around “thrivability” — based on a view of organizations as living systems — which is entirely aligned with other terms used in this group - strongly sustainable, thriving, resilient, regenerative, future-fit, flourishing etc!

Her work can be described as "thriving organizational development", bringing into practice ideas from our member David Cooperrider in his recent article on Appreciative Inquiry for Flourishing Organizational Development

For more detail see the wiki page for this months meeting

As usual links to the slides and video of the meeting will be posted to the comments to the post about the meeting in our LinkedIn Group

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