What type of Digital Marketing strategy would be good to increase the market of my website?

Please don't mention any kind of basic link building strategies?

My website is www.exotrac.com

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In my experience as part of a digital marketing agency, we've found a few practices, in particular, to be really effective. We are using these techniques to our client Technology News and Product Review Site in UAE.
Content Marketing - This has been a huge source of illustrating our expertise, generating leads, and making valuable connections with partners. Creating content like blog posts, infographics and case studies that can illustrate your authority in the area of digital marketing will definitely send the right message to any potential clients who come across your content. It'll also bolster SEO efforts.

Local Networking - Networking in person is important, even for digital agencies. Finding tech-oriented local or regional events can help get your name out there and help foster new relationships and partnerships, and serve as an excellent lead gen tool.

Optimized Social Media - Obviously, you need a great presence across social media that will support and promote the content marketing efforts you're making, but you need to make sure that those social media outlets 1) make sense for the audience you're trying to reach and 2) are optimized for potential clients trying to find your information. Make sure that 'digital marketing agency' is a key phrase that is highlighted in your bios and About Me sections, and that your contact information is easy to find.

Email Marketing - Consider creating an email newsletter that will help keep your brand top of mind with subscribers. It could be a weekly blast featuring that week's best blog posts, or it could be a monthly recap of everything that has gone on in the agency. Whatever you decide, having it will give you the chance to build an audience of potential clients who can contact you (and vice versa) very easily. 

White Papers - If you can, create some really excellent long-form content drawing on your experiences and case studies with clients. Perhaps, for example, a how-to on creating really effective Facebook ads. Turning that into an exclusive white paper and then offering it to readers to download in exchange for their contact information is another great way to illustrate your expertise as digital marketers, while also giving you an in to connect with them more directly.

I have gone through your website and came to know that your's is very big company. From my view Google Adwords and Bing, Yahoo ad centers work well. Because your's is service oriented company. And try to submit your website in social groups (SMO not SMM). Also you can check my website here - http://themeetingwall.com/

Guest blogging, Social media and PPC (Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads) are the best strategies to promote your business online.

You have a limited audience of logistic professionals so my suggestion is to approach them via LinkedIn and other professional networks.

You can use Linkedin Ads for leads generation. LinkedIn allows you to drop a direct message in the inbox of your potential audience. They will get to know about your software and its features and proceed for demonstration.

Find the contacts from local directories like Yelp, Yellow pages and others.


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