FairPay Revenue Models: A new Pattern for Business Model Generation

I suggest that FairPay, a radically new adaptive and dynamic pricing process, enables entirely new business model patterns that are very timely, and deserve wide consideration.


FairPay combines the flexibility and participation offered to buyers by "Pay What You Want" (PWYW), but with the hook of consequences that make it fair to sellers.

  • It works where there is a subscription or other ongoing relationship of continuing sales, by tracking how fairly each individual buyer pays over a series of transactons and letting the seller control whether to make continuing offers.
  • FairPay is particularly well suited to the Internet and digital media/content/services, for which "outmoded business models" are loudly crashing and burning, and for which it is all too clear that new designs are urgently needed. FairPay offers a realistic and powerful way to change the game.

In fact, the adaptive and dynamic nature of FairPay is itself a process for generating the details of business models (because it can take on the characteristics of many different models), and thus can help bake this idea of business model generation into core business processes. Given this deep and broad impact, I suggest that FairPay offers a new business model "Pattern."


More detail on FairPay as a new pattern for Business Model Generation is given in my blog post at http://www.fairpayzone.com/2010/09/business-model-generation-with-n....


I welcome discussion on this.

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My new book, "FairPay: Adaptively Win–Win Customer Relationships" addresses this in depth.  Some early praise: “an innovative and visionary methodology,” a "radically new perspective," "can help enterprises become more customer focused...promises to transform business."

There is also extensive background on my blog -- see the overview.


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