It's great to be here with all of you. I'm looking forward to learn a lot and to connect with people that care about the same things I care about.

My interest is constant change in the context of organizations. I have a tendency to be philosophical about things I'm trying to understand. Alex's work helping me to see there are people that are practicing what I'm thinking about.

I like to think about organizations. I'm very distrustful of governments. I think stories are everything. I think businesses can learn more from Obama than from any politician that has ever lived. I think the stories you helped shape are there for you to grab, you have the right to know them. I think we have to build relationships with the people we influence. I'm getting started on twitter (devijvers). I'm interested in political philosophy.

I think relationships between employees and relationships between employees and customers have to be part of business models. I think if you don't connect to your customers and give them a platform to connect to each other your competitor will.

I think we are people like we've not seen in a long time. I think it 1439 (or 1648) all over again.

Looking forward to meet you


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Yep, this is a great time to be here. As more and more companies are finding out that oragainzations are becomming increasingly difficutl to run and innovate.

As more and more people are oraganizing themselves to collaborate and build new things. I think this is just the beginning of the way in which humans orgaize themselves, nothing short of a revolution(as per Clay Shirky).

your thougths ?
I love Clay Shirky! Seth Godin is saying the same thing: we're in a revolution. And being in a revolution kind of weird because the old stuff is still very much visible and the new stuff is barely noticeable.

It's good to have you here Praveen.

Thank you Seteven, great to be here !! I feel amazing sitting here in Bangalore, I can talk to you half way around the world :)


Have you seen Clay Shirky on the TED conference? If you haven't here's the video. It's one of the best TED presentations I've seen.

Hi Steven,

Yep, that is one my favourite TED videos. I have also,read his book also.
I am very happy to meet a fellow person who shares this view :).

So the question now remains is that how we can build platforms that will take advantage of the 25% people not supported by current institiuonal frameworks. So what kind of platforms should be built ?
Now that's the question isn't it?

I think Seth Godin's Making vs Taking post says it all. You can be a copy cat and build a competing platform (taking). Or you can come up with an entirely new platform where there wasn't one before (making).

Platforms connect people. Look for people that want to be connected to each other in the context of things they all care about.

Good hunting

I was thinking, can there be a better model for freelance working? Other than the elance and model, that is totally price driven.i.e people compete on the price and quality of work is hurt most of the time.

i remember a site for logo desig where multiple people put forward their work and the buyer select the one he likes the most and give the rest of the contract.....

So a new model in freelancing is needed...
especially since lots of people are getting laid off. here is a counter.

your thoughts?
Hey Praveen,

Funny, I've been thinking about exactly the same idea. There is no community/market for logo and illustration makers. Problem is there is no comparable market for any other profession.

So it's definitively making.

Hi Steven,

let's model this :)

Hey Steven - Good to see you here! This should be a really fun project. I like the idea of change as you describe it. We'll need to incorporate that.
Hey Ellen,

Sure, I'm glad I can help.


hello and welcome wish that you'll have a good time in this community best regards!


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