It's great to be here with all of you. I'm looking forward to learn a lot and to connect with people that care about the same things I care about.

My interest is constant change in the context of organizations. I have a tendency to be philosophical about things I'm trying to understand. Alex's work helping me to see there are people that are practicing what I'm thinking about.

I like to think about organizations. I'm very distrustful of governments. I think stories are everything. I think businesses can learn more from Obama than from any politician that has ever lived. I think the stories you helped shape are there for you to grab, you have the right to know them. I think we have to build relationships with the people we influence. I'm getting started on twitter (devijvers). I'm interested in political philosophy.

I think relationships between employees and relationships between employees and customers have to be part of business models. I think if you don't connect to your customers and give them a platform to connect to each other your competitor will.

I think we are people like we've not seen in a long time. I think it 1439 (or 1648) all over again.

Looking forward to meet you


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Hi friends

I am kritika new member from India i am join  this forum

thank u

Well come to this community Steven, this will be best to find right solution, so stay tuned.. :)


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