Hi friends,am starting small business of natural plates.i want to improve it as large scale business,is it possible.this is my website link http://www.ecoplates.com.au/

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You are much more likely to get a response from the community if you were to post some specific items about your business model on which you need more clarity. Asking a generalized "what do you think" question rarely gets a response from the community. 


I'm interested in this product, and market potentials.  But, I'm more interested in raw material supply and availability - particularly on a global scale for large scale business opportunity.

Also, I'm in plastic injection molding, and would love to offer a Hemp or Soy plastic derivative - particularly because I'm in the epicenter of this social awareness.  But, these organic polymer alternatives are not ready for a manufacturing scale, even local.

I would be interested in understanding more, and assist if possible on a larger scale.

Thank you,

Bill Sands

Hey. Good site)

Try posting something like this on Facebook. It would work, I'm sure. 


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