I want to sell some products about solar flood lights and also have a website for it, I want to grow my business in international market. so please help me to give suggestion.

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You grow your business with the help of seo.

1. social media optimization(smo)

2. artical

3.fourm posting .  


If you want to gain more traffic to your site then you can opt for off-page seo or Social Media Marketing will be great. Read this article on kickstarter campaign public relations and you will find some great and creative ideas.

Is your website is single place where you sell your products?

To grow your business you need  your website to be popular on web and on social media. use seo for ranking your site and social media for your branding.

One of the easiest way is to find what is your competitor's are doing especially in regards of online marketing. There is a lot of free and free trial seo tools to anaylse your competitor's website, focus on those that ranks no. 1 on search result page. From there you will have hints and strategies to build awareness of your product. Good luck!

  1. Simplify your marketing message. .
  2. Get your business and your web site listed in relevant directories. To find directories, Google the name of your town plus directories url” (e.g. “cobourg directories url”).
  3. Learn to delegate. Figure out what you do that turns dollars. Then delegate the rest.
  4. Encourage employees to explore more efficient approaches to their tasks instead of relying on their standard way of doing things.
  5. Don’t forget suppliers. They might not be on your payroll, but they are more apt to do a few things for you at no charge because you really take care of them.

Are you using any CRM system? I like bpm'online, which provides great case management software. It can be really helpful for making your business grow!

  • First you need to design business plan and strategy.
  • Make sure about your financial ability and generate your financial sources as capital form.
  • Survey on your market competitors and take necessary steps.
  • Market analysis
  • Operation and profit projection.
  • Appointing strong and proper management team as well as expertise and skillful employees in form of a unified and qualified team.
  • Ensure office and production management with higher efficiency.
  • Taking marketing promotion and stretagies with advertisement
  • Link up with international market
  • Create dealer or country wide sales and promotion facilities with servicing facilities.

Thanks Rashedun. its well stated.

It depends on the basic properties of Website also. 
But one of the important way to target international customers is through the Social Media Marketing or simply expose your products located in your website through the help of Social Media Marketing. 

Well, it seems your website is more of a content based website and it has no E-Commerce platform so it would be better, if you create more back-links for your website via SEO off page and on page techniques, and simultaneously focus on social media for promotion,

Yeah I think it depends on the quality of off page and on page techniques too. 
and Social Media have become a major medium for promotion now a days. 
But I have started new strategy for new Yard business and it is quite difficult at first. 


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