I have a business regarding advanced technology security system and I want to expand it through online strategies. You can also visit My site. Need advice !


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Oh, the language is German, so I don`t understand what is it about. First, look at your niche competitors, then depending on their strategies and performances you need to orient for them as they already have any performances. Look, analyze, consider their mistakes and develop your own marketing strategy. It`s the second general question I saw today, so it`s hard to tell you exactly what you need to do. Ask your  clarifying questions to figure out what you need to do and plan.

consider their mistakes

I want to get more visitors on my online store stopdedief So, I need some strategies for that. Would you like to share some.
Thanks in advance.


First you should understand the  Demand for your products with the help of special tools. In internet you should make it with tools of statistics that show you the frequency of queries that users are looking for. It can be Google Keyword Planner. Then you should make a clusterization of these keywords and spread them for appropriate pages. it`s the first level of SEO optimization. It calls the relevance of the site. You can read about it in special sources like MOZ blog and others. 


Yes, I know a little bit about SEO optimisation. Can you suggest me some blogs....


I appreciate the TOP Blogs known for all SEO optimizers.

They not only give the ability to learn SEO but also give professional advises for marketers. They contain real cases, infographics, forums and the freshest news.

- Official Google Blog;

- MOZ Blog;

- SEO Book Blog;

- Searchengineland Blog;

- SearcheneWatch;

With these blogs you`ll always stay updated in the last trends of SEO.

Thank you so much Rick.

If you have any wuestions - please ask, I`ll give you an advice)

Definetly, I will told you.

Hello peter.  i going to tell you about some tricks that really works to improve your site visitors . Initially you have to decide some keywords that best suited for your site and according to these keywords write description for each and every page . always remembered to optimized your link , put you company name and relevant keyword and optimized the link. after that made your site mobile friendly too. always remember to set your geographical location in webmaster. made your title and subtitle with your brand name and relevant keywords . write great content that attract people . and add blog section to your site also . and write attractive blogs. this will surely helpful to you. and promote your blogs and site through social media ...

I know these strategies and implementing from a long time. I am seeking for some new techniques by which I can get the quick results.

then find out  your competitors and after find out their backlinks through open site explorer and submit your site on same site with better text and title .

Thank you so much for your help. I appreciate it.


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