hello Friends,

i having a static website ..i want to resize image through HTML..

How to resize an image with HTML?

thanks in advance..


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Specify the width and height in your IMG SRC HTML tag as shown in the example below.

<img src="http://cdn.computerhope.com/computer-hope.jpg"  width="200" height="85" alt="Computer Hope">

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Specify the width and height in your IMG SRC HTML tag

you should do use of heigh and width with IMG SRC tag. you can easily resize your image use by IMG tag.

Hello Kamini, 

You can use the HTML code bellow

<img src="hope.jpg"  width="200" height="85" alt="Click here to access the image">


SRC= Local File Address

Width= Pixels Size

Height = Pixel Size

Alt= Message that can be displayed when you put the mouse arrow over the image.

If you have made the website with Blogspot then there is a option while uploading an image you can resize your image there before posting your articles.

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You can resize the image by giving the image size

this is the eg : <img src="computer-hope.jpg"  width="200" height="40" alt="Computer Hope"> 

you specify the width and hight of your image Source tag like <img src="c://IMG.jpg" height="100" width="100">


you can resize using width and height attribute.


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