As per as the request from the moderator i have to re-phrase my discussion content.

I have a small web-designing company and one of my client came up with a request to make a E-commerce portal for their new business, my designer are pretty much confident about the technical part and website pattern, but what i want to know is how to make the particular portal visible online and more clicks, what are the possible ways of doing so apart from SEO techniques.

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People please help me out, i am in a tremendous need of good advises. I am in middle of something.


I refer you to the statement in the news section on the main page about posting open ended requests for help on the Hub. Members of the Hub will not do your work for you. If you want help, post your ideas and ask for feedback.

Thanks, Mike will Surely do so, may i ask for feedback here or create another new thread ?

I would post in a new thread to catch people's attention

Ok, Sure just produce me the approved URL, i would like to take part in the discussion.

Maybe I wasn't quite clear.

What I am suggesting is YOU make a new post in the Forum with your ideas. Then ask for feedback from the community.

You need to share your thought with the community, then seek challenge or feedback to validate your thinking.

Ok, will do 

Also I`d like to suggest you to hire the SEO-optimize ras there are a lot of issues that you should resolve before to start developing your website including the site structure.

Thanks for the help Rick, will surely do so.

Before hiring please make sure that seo optimizer has good hands experience on e-commerce websites. 

Yes, I completely agree with @annajaden because SEO is a core part of online marketing.

Hi justin! 

I don't know what kind of business you are gonna start online. But any kind of business setup is easier then offline business. you just have to setup a website and then start promoting your business through social media and other online marketing techniques. Like SEO and SEM etc. 

I had set up an online shoe store   and it's working fine. Through proper seo it is giving me $200+ sale weekly. 

If you have any other query regarding SEO and development ping me. 



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