As per as the request from the moderator i have to re-phrase my discussion content.

I have a small web-designing company and one of my client came up with a request to make a E-commerce portal for their new business, my designer are pretty much confident about the technical part and website pattern, but what i want to know is how to make the particular portal visible online and more clicks, what are the possible ways of doing so apart from SEO techniques.

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Your web-portal is very nice, can you please suggest me some free seo tools and how to start things up.

Before starting to programming be sure about the facts about SEO. What should programmer do when coding, titles, meta tags, Keywords,...

an eCommerce website without SEO factors can not be successful. You can see wtleads website:

 Choosing an Industry and Product

For some, this is the hardest step of the process and can cause a lot of headaches. Choosing the right product to sell online can have a huge impact on whether or not your eCommerce website is successful. But with millions of different products available, how do you know which ones to sell?

Here are a few things to consider when choosing an industry and product.

Finding Manufactures with Great Products

Now that you’ve identified which products you want to sell it’s time to find out who the manufactures are. There are a few different methods of finding manufacturers that can save a lot of time.

Setting up the Website

So you’ve chosen your products and found a few manufacturers to work with, what next? Get the website up and running.

Those three points are certainly the basic ones to set up the E-commerce business, but according to you what will be the best online product market in the coming years?

The way you ask this question is like asking someone where the goldmine is. You have to be set in a target market as to whome you sell and what you sell. Being online is no different in a business plan than any other business before being online. There is no magic answer. I work non-stop on marketing and so on with my company and the work never ends. Back links, advertising and so on. What works? I still have yet to put the full balance together as everything changes so often today. To me the web is nothing more than a convenient  way to not have to go out and shake hands and market and allows your products to be "in the face" to a ton more people yet with a good amount of control by Google. I am a firm believer in fresh content even if its only one sentence added on to an existing page. Take a handful of ways to market and make them your mix as it is overwhelming to even the best, which I am not but it seems to be working and has for a few years.

Thanks for such great advises Joe, thanks to you i am working on it. 

Some suggestions:

1. Go through the exercise of creating a value proposition canvas for your intended customer segment(s).

2. Take some time in this process to consider alternate customer segments. Record these for future reference even if you think them unlikely. Chances are your intuition is talking to you and if you think about it for a while, you might realize they have merit.

3. At this point, you may already have your answer. If not, continue.

4. Refer to your "channels" and "customer relationships" on the business plan canvas. Do customers search for what you do? If so, yes, go with SEO tactics. If not, how are they reached? Referrals? If so, you need to do things that build trust, as referrals are the result of familiarity, trust, and endorsements. A social media strategy might be an activity you need to do well. You could also do things to build transparency (a way of gaining trust) by allowing customer reviews, etc.

5. Another way to create engagement is to add elements of gamefication. Google this term to learn more--too much for this post.

6. If you have the connections, (and maybe money), search for the influencers in your domain and seek their endorsements.

Can you please suggest me some SEO techniques for a website of advertising banners.

One important factor to consider is how you manage your site.

Do you code is yourself or use pre-coded themes {if yes there are great themes out there with strong SEO management, that way you can focus more on SEM which is what i think you're more interested in regarding your question on e-commerce.... (what you really want is how to optimize your marketing using search engine, right?) }

I know a few sites that handles just that ...synthesis is the best i assure you.

Lastly i'll recommend you read this article on SEO.

Thanks Charles for assisting, i am using the tools and suggestions given by you.

Hey Justin. I think these days a small work of SEO can help a lot for more clicks and more traffic on your website. SEO is not a tough task there are so many online tools available to manage SEO projects.So i will suggest you to do SEO of your website along with designing and all for best results. You may take help pof SEO online tools like ViduPM.,Webmaster Tool ,Google Analytics and Raven Tool.

Thanks Alice, those tools are really great and worth using.


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