As per as the request from the moderator i have to re-phrase my discussion content.

I have a small web-designing company and one of my client came up with a request to make a E-commerce portal for their new business, my designer are pretty much confident about the technical part and website pattern, but what i want to know is how to make the particular portal visible online and more clicks, what are the possible ways of doing so apart from SEO techniques.

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hi to everyone . this year i wants to start my business , and we all know that to start a business we need capital for investment and a website for promotion. can anyone suggest me a good platfoerm to build my site . i want my site similar to this site : Forex trading with Alpari

Well, it seems your business is regarding trading stuffs, you can surely go for Wordpress and blogger platforms. They will surely suit you.

Hi Justin,

I think, you should deal with affordable paid advertising networks. For fresh domain, you are not able to achive 1st page rank for targeted keywords initially. After a certain period of time, when your site will become SEO-friendly and follow all the guidelines of webmaster tools, Google will give you ranks for few keywords.

Paid networks will give you quality visitors from your target country, if you offer product at competitive price, people will buy from your site. Recently we have applied this technique for one of the leading price comparison website

Company provides impartial and independent comparison service for energy, insurance and travel deals. Insurance market for comparison sites in UK is very much competitive than one can predict.

Thanks Maulik, can you tell me how to use these paid advertising networks?

I'm now thinking of starting my e-commerce business from making my own site at this online website builder: It looks to be really easy. They offer free trial version with plenty of different designs and 14 days for making changes. I heard there's also a great support, so I can use their help if something is wrong.


Moto CMS 3 is a good platform for non-technical users or those people who don't like programming or complex customization during eCommerce site design. I read Moto CMS has recently launched the eCommerce functionality in its latest version Moto CMS 3 this March, 2016.

Have you ever think about Magento eCommerce platform? It is widely popular eCommerce platform in the world.

Thanks for your reply Maulik! I know Magento is quite popular and successful platform, I was thinking about it, but then a friend of mine who has already used Moto CMS services told me a lot about this positive experience and made me change my choice.

Hii Justin...

Even I was thinking for the same only but now I changed my mind due to some finacial reason but when I was thinking for my ecommerce business I read one article and I want to share with you too. Hope this will help you to clear your mind..!!

Having found your product idea and evaluating them in the previous section, you must now figure out where and how you’re going to obtain your products. The next two posts will cover the various methods for acquiring your products

you should go with both SEO and SMO. Social Media Marketing is best way to promote your products.

 what exactly do you mean by how to make it on-line , making the site on-line is the same process you follow for other website. now getting more clicks you can do marketing for that website so that every one has a look at your site 


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