We have three double-pages on content & quotes from the Hub, as promised. When choosing the quotes we looked at diversity and quality to reflect the feel of the Hub in the book.

Please don't be too disappointed if your quote is not in the book, since we couldn't select them all.

Since we slightly shortened and edited the quotes regarding typos it would be great if you could check if you are OK with the way you were quoted. We can't really edit the content anymore at this point, but we can take out the quotes if you were misquoted.

Download the three Hub Sections at the very bottom of this post for better viewing.

The sections look great! What do you think?

Hub Spread I: How Do You Use the Canvas?

Hub Spread II: What Stands in Your Way?

Hub Spread III: What Else?

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What really captures me about the quotes pages is the the sense of how this is a world-wide phenomenon. In the narrative of the book, one could state the international nature of this community, but that wouldn't have near the impact of reading the ideas and locations of all these contributers from around the world.

This was a great idea and is well presented.
I'm fascinated myself about where all the participants on the Hub come from and where the pre-purchase orders are coming from... The Business Model Generation is indeed a global phenomena...
Fabulous!!! The Quotes indicate the realility of Business Model.

Happy to be quoted. Thanks.


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