Share your ideas. What should we be developing to help the Business Model Generation? Events, tools, projects. Let's do a brainstorming...

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the next edition for BMG?
(1) enrich the pattens from all over the world
(2) make the all pattens in to an orthogonal group.
(3) name the pattens in the orthogonal voting from all over the world.
(4) make the BMG into CC.
(5) try to startup the BMI org.

(6) translate the BMbox into Chinese(maybe me.).

I second those suggestions

  • Tools,
  • Other methodologies for combinig with the canvas 
  • learned lessons,
  • tipical model for every industry as a didactic tool


Juan F Márquez

I too an very much interested in how to take the Lean Six Sigma Methodology & Processes and apply to BMG. 

Where are you providing this training. Do you have any information to share with someone planning similar training?

We need a database of industry value chains. Wouldn't it be great as a business model designer if we


a. knew how many links there were in each specific chain

b. knew which parts of the chain were capturing the most value i.e. understand each link's cost structure, value add and revenue stream


We could then quantify the impact that a knew business model design has on the relevant chain.

But how can we define a standard for doing so. There are so many forms to present the value chain, depending if you are analyzing the whole company or parts of it.

It's a great idea, just, how can we do it?

A chapter on Business Model Generation for Public Services / Nonprofit Organisations would be extremely welcome.


We are applying it already but a formal reference in the book would make it much easier for governement agencies and non profit orgs.


Long live the book and model!



Having used the canvas as part of a funding programme for social venture intermediaries to clarify their approach I would agree. I'd be interested in helping develop a chapter if that would be useful - along the lines of Jim Collins update of Good to Great for the social sector.
Can you share some examples?
i also need some sample like you ,have a nice day

This is really important for my country, where we try to modernize the public administration. In this moment I am trying to develop a business model which describe private and public universities, so the business model generation for public services will be helpful.

Kind regards


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