Share your ideas. What should we be developing to help the Business Model Generation? Events, tools, projects. Let's do a brainstorming...

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I love this idea!
How can we evaluate strength and weaknesses of start-up companies?
wow - thank you all for your comments!!! We will soon lay out some of our ideas and hopefully you will join us on the journey!

Maybe the use of alternative canvas templates for specific situations or models?

How about including a more in-depth  on Value Proposition which could possibly include value stream mapping? Though keeping it simple.



I believe that new tools for simulation will be important in business modeling. If we establish an analogy with architecture, imagine that new tools will guide you in a "walkthrough" on the business you want to develop, as you can walk into an apartment that is only in the design phase, and thus decide whether to buy (make) it or not.

How about a book of reference examples of how the approach was applied with an explanation of the model and why it is laid out as it is, and what steps were taken to get there.

For the reference examples there could be a section on best practices, tieing them back to where they were applied across the examples.

Hi Alex

- Tweak the canvas (downloadable poster PDF) to make it inclusive for social entrepreneurs where Cost Structure includes within brackets (Social and Environmental Costs) and Revenue Streams includes within brackets (Social and Environmental Benefits);

- Add key metrics alongside key questions (in both App tool and canvas poster) so that people can know how to build their business plan from the numbers that they are working with;

- Add Social Entrepreneurs tab on this website so that people can see how this model has literally a grass roots appeal for on-going social development across the world;

- Would be great if we had this done in a beach where giant symbols (eg, a large heart for customer care!) are used to get people to 'feel' the power of the model. Imagine a beach rescue 4-wheeler that is used as the symbol for 'channel' in developing this giant beachside canvas at a community event!





More infor about BMG and how to incorporate it in the BSC... I knwo the link is there (I read your thesis) so it will be nice to see a little bit more of that...

1. BMG toolbox Kits (beyond Tablets 3D Simulators) for specifics "micro-segments": ie: Consultants, Profesors, Practicioners, students, Final Buzz.

2. BMG working and economics simulation layers toolbox Kits

3. World Wide events "evangelizing the BM canvas".

How about doing some "collective" case studies?


Put a short business case online or get one for free from a site like the


Then, any of us who wants can us can use the Business Model Canvas to analyze and crack it. Comparing our ideas and analyses would start an explosion of practical learning.

Hello Andrew,

Sounds to me a good idea. Specially for those who are starting to use the canvas. Making use of the evaluation tools i developed a comparison can be made very easy. (See ).


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