Share your ideas. What should we be developing to help the Business Model Generation? Events, tools, projects. Let's do a brainstorming...

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Totally agree - how can it be used to better develop public services!!!   Need virtual network too, don't we!!  Jo
Totally agree - how can it be used to better develop public services!!!   Need virtual network too, don't we!!  Jo

Again, I think synergizing Lean Six Sigma w/ BMG I think is where alot of Public Administrations could find complete Gold. 

Agree!!  Modernising public service in UK and this would be really useful!!!  Jo

Will there also be a Business Model Toolbox for non iPad owners?

It won't be to hard to do it with jQuery and maybe HTML5.
I would recommend 2 sections/additions:

1. A section on value chains to help in the analysis and discrimination of key activities.
2. Introduce the concept of return on invested capital (ROIC) and it's link to value creation. This will help to highlight the importance of financial innovation in the design of the model. This might require to separate the capital costs vs. the operational costs in the cost structure section of the canvas.

Hi Roberto,

It seems that like me you have an interest in finance strategy. It is critical that this linkage is made in our business model work, even if it is creative high level economic modelling.  Do you agree? We need to put more thought into how to assist people to model the linkages. For example, I have a client that converts New Zealand wool into clothing and a billion dollar US retail chain has branded their retail outlets to leverage of New Zealand's clean green image. The problem is that there are 22 links in the value chain from farmer to retail outlet. It would be so powerful to understand why these links exist and their value add/capture in the chain. And to your point, it would be useful to understand the capital investment tied up in each link. The chain then needs to be visualised so that "what if" analysis can change the visual representation.

Hi Alex, and everybody,

I think we all need a BMG toolbox kits for workshops (beyond Business Model Toolbox for iPad).

We all agree that we are moving from services to products, or put another way: intangible to tangible results! (unconsulting model)

To show tangible results, we need to co-create using our hands more (Thinking with the hands to express the emerging knowledge), and more visual 3D tools.

So I really think there is a niche market and a needs for a "BMG play kit" or "BMG toolbox kit"

Do you know Lego Seriuos Play?

May be we can mashup this methodology and concept with BMG and make a new BMG product to display problems, process, patterns, landscapes, scenarios, strategies, visual thinking and co-create.

what you think?




Excellent Idea!
I like the idea


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