Share your ideas. What should we be developing to help the Business Model Generation? Events, tools, projects. Let's do a brainstorming...

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You can find a Spanish translation here:


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I have been speaking to Vistage CEO boards around the U.S. using the Business Model Canvas as one of the key foundations for the program.   It's clear to me that a wiki program would be very useful for them and an added value proposition for BMG.  Can we visit.  402-633-1489.


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Business Model Generation tool for...Mac's


Hi, we would like to see an export feasiblity, to excel (calulations of cost and incomes),
local ambassadors, regional / local events and local case studies / content.
I think it would Be great to buy the Business Model canvas as a magnetic Whiteboard foil like esselte easyflip foil. Size A0 or A1.
Cheap, Big Size, rewritable, usable at any flat wall

Dear Thorsten,


I already use the canvas at A-0 format. It works great!!! Use post-its, or have the canvas in plastic so you can write on it.If possible use smartboards as the canvas and save it as a pdf, ppt or other file formats.


A chapter on Business Model Innovation for Triple Bottom Line Business Models - have a look in our group Business Models Beyond Profit

I would like to see more examples of B2B high-tech cases. Examples of innovative thinking in all 9 building blocks. Also a export function to PDF and file-sharing from iPad would be great. Last, a online tools to generate, edit and collaborate on business model canvas (ie for Mind Maps)

Events is a must! It's good to have the opportunity to learn from others who already have good experience on the do's and don'ts of the Canvas.

PS: funny there was no answer to this until now.

Events - Some of us who are fans of the book in Singapore are organizing a little networking event for people to get together and talk about business models.

Wikia - We've also created a wiki site as a companion to our real-world get togethers. The wiki is here: 

Hub 2.0 - I think part of the fun a Hub 2.0 could have would be in the "gamification" of "biz model generation". We could turn the activity of innovating biz models in to a form of a meta-game. Hubbers create a profile and are awarded meta-status for accomplishing "in-game" feats.

Some ideas from RPG's and old-school media could be relevant: experience points for online participation, associate/sponsorship/marketing for real world events, merchandising of products, reach/relevance and clans, leaderboards, etc.


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