Share your ideas. What should we be developing to help the Business Model Generation? Events, tools, projects. Let's do a brainstorming...

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Ageing population, housing, community, society, how are you going to develop BMG offer to support communities and public sector to re-model in times of financial austerity?  Are you working with SILK Kent, England and MindLab, Denmark?  Great to have some dialogue - from a passionate public sector worker!!!!

Examples of companies collected from around the world (hub participants). We are doing this for Brazilian companies.

Does anyone know how to export the data input to the BM canvas?
After spending lots of time putting in post-it's; additional notes and nunbers, it seems that there is no way that it can be printed out or exported (other than a top level screen dump) - is this right?

This is a very effective tool for exploring and articulating business strategies and competitive analyses with my SME technology business clients but I need to go further than the ipad app - for example into the development of an actionable and measurable business plan.

I would appreciate any help with this

Many thanks


I would suggest a business model game as I already started thinking about but laid it off due to too much works pressure right now. A game to try the different combinations of business model blocks and inspire people while having fun.

Anothet suggestion would be to incorporate more hands on case studies in bringing a bmc alive especially for small companies. Make some case studies from different bmc approaches in real live on which refinement level of the model the companies started to talt to investors, game changers and so on in order to put it on the road!

Or maybe a linkage or approach for startups to create or derive a finished business plan from the model!

In for myself combined the bmc methodology and the empathy map to create a model for negotiation strategies (I know a whole different area) but I tried it some times now and it works in working out different strategies for negotiation and bargaining as I used it in my strategic procurement environment! Still looking forward to write an ebook about it!
Business Coaching and Personal coaching questions for each component of the model. These are questions that deal with the now and the future; these are questions that will raise the bar for the business and transform how they do business and how they sow up as business owners and/or employees and/or partners. I have created some coaching questions, which I use for triad coaching sessions.

I would like to see a PC version of the Toolbox. One that doesn't require using the cloud or shared resources.

Page 142-143 is about Team Composition and the purpose of a diverse team
I have  experience with 50 workshops with and without a team building survey/check up front.
More than 1100 of my clients have answered the JTI-analyze. 

My opinion is that you can be successfully without knowing your team members preferences. But if you really want to ensure success you should use a proven method to build or understand your team.

Here is a taste of my model before I started to use BMG:
The Jung Typeindicator Index (JTI = MBTI) and team compass to the left I would come back to.

Now I have to reorganize the model after problem solving - but I will still use the Teamcompass to create successfully team.

With the Team Compass you can see how different types can work together
The 16 different preferences are:
ESTP-ESTJ-ESFP-ESFJ-ENFP-ENFJ-ENTP- ENTJ  (as you see Ekstroverts need more space)

Myself is ENFP and I prefer to work with Innovation, Supervising and Information.
The opposite profile would prefer Conducting, Decision and Quality Assurance etc...

I'll be back with more - If it's interesting to know how I use this in my practical work.


For those that are interested in details. 

I have now made different BMG sheets and think Business Model You take care of the gap between BMG and personal interests, but not with the team building. 

Could you please share some BMG ?

Customer Development Tools

Different tests for validating In Market propositions




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