I am a new member but have read and significantly marked up the BMG book. I have read and begun to implement Lean Start up Methodology (will admit The Start up Owners Manual by Blank was a bit too  much textbook for me)

Although I have done start ups before, I tend to think more like an enterpriser than an entrepreneur. My background was originally way back when Big 8 now Big  4 CPA firm. Have done software start up, B2B Internet start up, and a Successful Launch of a Franchise in the Med Spa industry. I have also been CFO of a 300 million specialty retailer, a publisher and ran a private equity firm. All said to let you know I have a lot of words and concepts to translate into this shared language:-)

So starting with shared language- in the 9 building blocks--

it seems 1-5 are Development-- marketing and sales; 6-8 are production; and 9 is infrastructure, specifically accounting and finance.

Is that right??

ps - my start up is a new Peer to peer CEO group (EO, YPO, Vistage, C12, etc.) but which is both more relational and more objective - we go through financials, KPIs and action plans plus a cloud based topical training with application exercise each month. www.Catalystcohorts.com

I have the Alpha group and close to MVP for our Cloud based backbone for training and dashboards for the Groups and Members.

Very much appreciate any help/ thoughts/ ideas etc.


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Hi Thomas, a few comments:

Steve Blank's Startup Owner's Manual - Steve is very clear this book was never intended to be read straight through. It was designed like a car owner's manual. There are some introductory sections that are important to read at the start. Most of the book though is intended as a reference book to be used when you are working on a specific subject, or encounter a particular problem you need help figuring out.

The BM canvas is constructed with three key areas. The right side of the canvas (CS, VP, CR and CH) are the front stage, customer facing component of the business. The left side of the canvas (KA, KR and KP) is the back stage or infrastructure of the canvas. The bottom or foundation of the canvas (R$ and C$) are the sustainability-profitability area of the canvas.

These areas are meant to address the value you deliver that is important to your customers and how you deliver it, the elements you need to create the value, and the value you capture back from your customers to make the business sustainable.

Lean Startup and MVP - To be clear on the term MVP, it is not about having the minimum set of features or code that allows you to go to market. In the Lean Startup world MVP means building only as much as you need to test your hypotheses. For example, if you want to test interest, building a landing page that provides information and asks people to provide information and/or signup, is an MVP. Even though it has nothing to do with your actual product, it is building only as much as you need to test the interest level of your potential customers.

Hope these thoughts help


thx this is very helpful- I think I'll have a continuous improvement process on my hands - right now my head is stuck half way between the old style business model and start up and the frankly more satisfying lean start-up and BMG models.  I am in Alpha Cohort stage while building my web backbone, this allows me to test my assumptions on importance of features and perceived benefits against real live CEOs who give me feedback.

Again thx for your graceful reply!


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