Innovation Canvas - A tool to integrate design and market content

We have developed an Innovation Canvas as an educational tool to more fully integrate design and market content. 


The innovation canvas is a tool for teams to develop integrated product designs and business models.  The canvas focuses attention on critical technical, market, resource, and execution issues that can determine the success of a new design or venture.  The canvas inspires innovation by focusing attention on the difficult challenges from multiple perspectives and encouraging the rapid revision and alignment of critical themes.

For engineers, the innovation canvas improves product and service development by including business and market themes in the development process.  For entrepreneurs, the innovation canvas improves business model generation by incorporating high level design themes as integral components of the venture vision.

For educators, the innovation canvas is a teaching tool that integrates product and market themes in design and entrepreneurship courses.  The canvas merges engineering and business content in a collaborative and iterative environment that can result in improved product designs and business models.


This is an extension of the Business Model Canvas and while I have looked around, I have not seen anything that integrates design content so fully.  We are an engineering, math, science university and this will help us include market content in the design process.

Best Regards to all,

Bill Kline


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